How could Virtual Reality affect society?

Virtual Reality technology has witnessed a boom in the last 5 years. We now have a myriad of different VR headsets and devices that we can use to jump into fully crafted 3D worlds. Headsets such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive offer truly ground-breaking VR technology and motion tracking and really have brought virtual reality to the general public. As VR technology continues to develop and push boundaries, we are witnessing the effects it can have on society – in 10 years’ time, who knows what this technology could be used for? This article looks at how VR could affect society:

Various industries could benefit from improved technology

We are already seeing the benefits VR technology can bring to the industry but this should only improve in the future. VR technology has huge potential in various different industries such as medical, engineering, manufacturing and military. For example, surgeons can use VR technology to improve their surgical techniques whilst military institutes can train their students in different situations using VR generated simulations. As time progresses, we should see VR being used in a wider range of industries for training and other uses.

Virtual reality could help improve social development

This is an interesting thought but it could become a reality. Virtual Reality could actually help third world countries or poorer communities improve their social development and help them see a wider picture of the world they live in. Imagine taking virtual reality technology to a third-world community and using it to show them far off places, or teach them about important things like business and economics. We can use VR to enhance our teachings and improve society through understanding and enlightenment.

Those with disabilities or impairments could still explore our world

Let’s look at a simple scenario – we have a person who is bound in a wheelchair who’s dream is to view the Himalayas from the top of Mount Everest. This may not be physically possible, but imagine them being able to experience Everest through a VR device? How awesome would that be! Virtual Reality technology has the potential to remove constraints for people suffering from disabilities and make our world a more accessible place for everyone. We could live in an accessible society that everyone can contribute to and experience in their own way.

We could explore space in greater detail than ever

Imagine putting on a virtual reality headset and being able to watch as a space shuttle connects with the ISS station? Or imagine watching as the Mars Rover discovers a new crater on the red planet? Virtual reality has the potential to open space exploration up to the public which could boost interest in the subject and prompt more people to become involved. In years to come, this could certainly become a reality and could usher in an exciting new age for space exploration.

As you can see, our society could change greatly with the advent of virtual reality technology. In years to come, if this technology is continued to be developed, the world we live in could look extremely different!

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